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Options for Summer 2024

Summer Session

  • 5-week, 8-week, and  10-week sessions.
  • Registration starts mid-March.
  • Maximum standard class load for summer term is 9 credits.

May and August Interims

  • Approximately 3-week sessions; special registration process.
  • Standard class load for an interim session is one course or workshop. Learn more >

May Interim, May 11 through May 25. August Interim, July 27 through August 10. 10 Week Session, May 28 through August 2. First 5 Week Session, May 28 through June 28. 8-Week Session, June 3 through July 26. Second 5 Week Session, July 1 through August 2.

Summer Session Information

Registration starts mid-March.

Summer Registration Dates

Current Truman Students

Currently enrolled Truman students may register as they typically do.  The timetable for registration can be located here.  You can add courses after the registration window but care should be taken to plan ahead as low-enrolled summer courses are occasionally cancelled due to lack of enrollment.  Check the Open Course list for status of available courses (we recommend using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer).

Non-Degree Seeking Students (students not currently enrolled at Truman)

If you are not currently enrolled at Truman but would like to take a course or two, you will first need to apply to Truman as a Non-Degree Seeking Student. Visit the Non-Degree Seeking Student page for more information and the application. Upon completion of your application, contact the Institute for Academic Outreach at (660) 785-5384 or for registration assistance.

High School Students

Eligible high school students may take Truman courses for college credit.  For more course offerings and information on how to apply, visit the Early College website or contact the Institute for Academic Outreach,, (660) 785-5384.

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More than 150 on-campus, online, and hybrid courses are offered at Truman each summer.

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Summer Registration Dates  Summer Add/Drop Deadlines

2024 Summer Session and Interim Dates

SessionStart DateEnd Date
May InterimMay 11May 25
First 5-Week SessionMay 28June 28
10-Week SessionMay 28August 2
8 Week SessionJune 3July 26
Second 5-Week SessionJuly 1August 2
August InterimJuly 27August 10

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Enrollment Fees for Summer 2024 

When undergraduates take six credit hours at the regular tuition rate, credit hours seven through nine are free (online or other special courses fees may apply).


Standard Graduate

Resident FeesNon Resident FeesResident AND Non Resident Fees

  • Additional class fees may be assessed depending on selected courses.
  • For undergraduate students, the 18th hour is considered an overload and will be charged the hourly rate above the standard enrollment fees for the 18th hour. Graduate students taking 15 hours will be charged the hourly rates above the standard enrollment fees for the 15th hour.
  • Undergraduate hours over 18 assessed at the hourly rate per credit hour plus $100 for each additional hour.
  • Students enrolled in 1/2 hour increments will be charged accordingly.
  • Students taking a combination of undergraduate and graduate hours will be assessed separately for the undergraduate and graduate hours taken.

Other Graduate Pricing TiersRate
Tier 1Master's in Gifted Education
Tier 3Master's in Data Science, Athletic Training, CMDS, MAE, Music MA$504
Tier 5Master's in Counseling, Master's in Accounting$541

Cost of Attendance

For a breakdown of estimated costs per academic year, see:

The Truman Financial Aid Office is ready to help you pursue the financial support for summer courses.

  • For basic information and to access forms to apply for summer financial aid, visit Financial Aid’s Summer page.
  • For specific questions regarding financial aid policies, email or call (660) 785-4130.

The Financial Aid Office also has useful information available about:

They also have numerous resources for students looking for alternative sources of funding.

TruPositions advertises positions available in offices across campus, as well as for some non-profit groups off campus.  Visit their site often for new postings!

Residence Life offers summer housing for Truman students.

For a complete list of all University policies and procedures, visit the University’s Catalog.

Some specialized courses require permission of the instructor and the Department chair before a student may enroll. Additionally, students not meeting the prerequisites, co-requisites or other requirements to enroll in a course may request a waiver from the Department chair with responsibility for that course. The Department chair has the authority to issue the waiver and permit the student to enroll.

Course Load

  • The maximum standard class load for the summer term is 9 credits.
  •  The maximum standard class load for an interim session is one course or workshop.
  • Students desiring to enroll in more than the maximum standard class load should have either a 3.0 GPA for the semester (excluding summer school) immediately preceding the semester in which the overload is desired or a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.
  • Students must obtain the permission of the Registrar to carry an overload.  Additional tuition costs are incurred by taking an overload.

Auditing Courses

A student may audit a class for no credit only on the approval of the instructor. Regular fees and enrollment procedures are required. However, the student will not be permitted to take the final examination and no credit hours earned nor any indication of the level of performance will appear on the transcript entry. Audit enrollments do not fulfill requirements for load considerations by the Veterans Administration, and they may not be applied toward the determination of full-time or part-time status.

Students auditing a course are expected to make a commitment to their education by attending classes regularly. If the auditing student fails to meet the regular attendance requirement as defined by the instructor, the instructor will notify the Registrar to record a W on the final grade report.

Students who initially enroll in a course for credit may be permitted to change their enrollment to audit during the free add-drop period of the semester.

During the term that a course is being audited, the audit cannot be changed to graduate or undergraduate credit. However, the student may enroll in the same course for credit during a subsequent semester. Coursework must be completed during the semester that credit is earned.

Student Access and Disability Services

Access to Services and Accommodations through Student Access and Disability Services Office

Student Access and Disability Services provides support services to students with disabilities to achieve their academic goals while ensuring compliance with federal and state laws that mandate equitable treatment and access to programs and activities at Truman State University.

The need for accommodation is assessed on an individual basis. To receive accommodations in a timely manner, please be sure to contact Student Access and Disability Services early so you can make necessary arrangements to obtain appropriate documentation.

Disability Documentation

For specific documentation requirements, please refer to our website at

Learn more about Summer and Interim Session Policies and Procedures

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